....the moon was favourable to Sargon who marched forth, smote all before him, and conquered the four quarters of the world...

Sumer to Sargon - a blog related to all things about wargaming the conflicts of the Sumerian and Akkadian kings in the Near East in the third millennium!

Ancient Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilisation, bore witness to the first truly organised wars fought between mankind. Rival Sumerian city-states engaged in near constant conflict over land and resources. From it emerged an empire led by the first conqueror to be called 'Great', Sargon of Agade. His successors and empire struggled for survival against marauding bands of highlanders and ever present internal revolts. All under the backdrop of Ziggarut temples and the rivers Euphrates and Tigris - this epoch provides fertile ground for the miniatures gamer with a charisma all of its own.

The aim of this blog is to highlight and make more accessible this fascinating era. I hope to in some way increase the 'visibility' of the period for historical recreation on the gamer's table. This project blog's purpose is to act as a central repository for information and links to give the inquisitive reader a starting point for their own investigations and hopefully some inspiration along the way. One way to help in this regards is to make it as easy as possible to access as much information from one place, via links, other blogs, etc which is one aim of this blog. The other will be to showcase the engaging elements that make this a fun and interesting period to be a part of. There is a lot of very good information on the subject but it can be hard to find sometimes.  The blog itself won't be a rapid fire, day by day type blog - rather, it'll build each component one step at a time working up to a critical mass of information and posts.

Without question miniature battles fought on the backdrop of Ancient Sumer has many attractive elements. The focus will be on the period from about 2700 BC to the end of the millennium with the fall of the Third Dynasty of Ur (2004 BC). This will involve historical information, miniature figure ranges, rules, thoughts and ideas for putting together forces, and pretty much anything else related that seems appropriate....if but one person becomes the next cup-bearer of Sumerian warfare then it'll not have been in vane...enjoy!


Important note - because this will be a project blog specific to one subject, I intend on keeping each area of the blog up to date with my latest changes and enhancements. Therefore new information in each area will placed directly in those areas, not as a post. I shall keep the posts specifically for notification of major changes or specific subjects not given their own information tabs. So please check in to the History, Warfare, Reading tabs, etc as information may have changed that might be useful. The idea is to build up each area to make its useful as a 'go to' resource page. 

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  1. A Great period to Game, I am looking forward to the developement of your Blog!

  2. Fantastic idea behind the blog. Great layout and fantastic resource.

  3. looking forward to following this!

  4. This really is a fantastic idea Happy Wanderer. Thank you for starting this blog!!

    What is your background, by the way? Are you a student of Near Eastern languages, or a Near Eastern archaeologist?

  5. ...background....happy chap that enjoys his time at and away from work...mostly in a coffee shop with a book!

    A 'student' of military history, anything ranging from the Yom Kippur War to Sumer and lots in between!