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.....'all the lands which my father Sargon left, had in enmity, revolted against me and not one stood fast'.....

Manishtusu's wrath

Online resources

Sumerian Shakespeare
An excellent site with LOTS of good information. There are many discussion points on a whole host of aspects of the period. This is a site to have a really good look at - check it out!

Cuneiform Digital Library Wiki
A seriously useful site to dig deeper and get into nitty-gritty of where all this information comes from. This one is worth having a good look around - heavy going at times but using the search engine and some patience you'll find lots of gems in there - very, very good.

The History Files - Ancient Mesopotamia
A very useful site with some nice 'hot linked' maps and timeline details for many cities - another good one!

The Virtual Museum of Iraq
The National Museum of Iraq audiovisual site has just opened. This huge project was launched in collaboration with Google and YouTube to create a complete website you can visit the National Museum of Iraq. The site contains 14,000 digital image of the contents of the museum. The photos and design of the project were taken and made by Google and YouTube and it will be adjusted and launched officially in 2012.

Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature
Part of the textual material from ancient Mesopotamia is available in transliteration and translation online here.

Chicago Assyrian Dictionary
Chicago Assyrian Dictionary - CAD (don't be fooled by "Assyrian" as much of it covers Akkadian).

Electronic Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary (ePSD).
The PSD is preparing an exhaustive dictionary of the Sumerian language which aims to be useful to non-specialists as well as Sumerologists.This website has a set of linked alphabetic webpages, which is more accessible than CAD as it allows Sumerian-English and English-Sumerian conversions.

Society of Ancients
The SoA is THE wargamers 'go to' for the ancient period with the excellent magazine Slingshot that in the past few years has had an superb long and detailed series called Mesopotamian Notes by Alastair McBeath. Joining the society then allows you to buy the back issues. Check out the entire index here. There are additional articles in the 2011 back issues as well - highly recommended.
An excellent source of info on a whole range of subject. Here is one particularly 'on subject'.

Encyclopedia Iranica
Focused on the study of Iranian civilisation, it has good information on the early Iranian civilisation such as Zagros mountain peoples and those of Elam.


Satrap Miniatures
A comprehensive blog with pics of all the different manufacturers very nicely painted - a very useful blog.

Chariot Gamer
A wonderful blog with many pics of Cutting Edge miniatures from their other ranges.The vignettes are particularly nice.

Figure manufacturers

Cutting Edge Miniatures
Most, if not all of the figures on this site are from Cutting Edge - lovely stuff and the website has lots of information on forming armies and the proprietor is only to willing to help.

Eureka Miniatures
Eureka Miniatures do a varied range of Sumerian figures that offers more variation - the battle car is very nice.

Newline Designs
These figures offer yet more variation and are pretty nice. The chariots are good value and the straddle car is yet another type that no one else does. A solid range.

Castaway Arts
Gerry at Castaway offers a number of figures and useful additional items scattered throughout his other ranges.

Wargames Foundry
Foundry do a small but nice Sumerian range.

Crocodile Games
This maker does high quality Wargods of Aegyptus and similar ranges that can be sifted through for all manner of bits and pieces useful for the period, even if not directly for third millennium gaming.

Mega Miniatures
A huge range of various miniatures. The accessories here are the attraction and lots of animals well priced - go here for your vulture markers!!

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