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The remaining five army lists have been added - all ten lists are now available.The new lists are; Hattian Kingdoms; Neo-Sumerian, Third Dynasty of Ur; Amorite Nomads; Magan, Dilmun; Harrapan – Indus Valley. The army lists in total can be downloaded here.

A number of extra articles in the warfare section and lots more links have been added.

A discussion of thoughts and ideas along with a number of methods to use for organising campaign games.

Adjusted Neo-Sumerian lists. Uploaded BBSW lists version 2.0

How I paint the minis you see on this blog! Painting I tips, tricks and traps.

Adjusted All lists. Uploaded BBSW lists version 3.0

How I paint the Battle Carts you see on this blog! Painting II tips, tricks and traps.

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  1. Anything new happening with your Sumerian projects?